We meet nearly every week.

WHEN:  Noon on Thursday.
WHERE:  Steak & Eggs Banquet Room (1112 E Taft)

11/25/2021:  Thanksgiving (No meeting)

12/02/2021:  KoD - Kent Glesener

12/09/2021:  KoD - David Gilliland

12/16/2021:  KoD - John Ramirez


12/23/2021:  No Meeting

12/30/2021:  KoD - Pete Eagan

Check the "Upcoming Events" Calendar for additional information.
Guests are always welcome and invited to join us for a good meal and fellowship.


What Happens at Meetings?

We order lunch from a menu choice and then the "Kiwanian of the Day"(KoD) introduces a guest speaker who presents a short program to our club.
We've learned from master gardeners, butterfly keepers,  coaches, children's groups, choirs, charities, business owners, prisoner educators, aromatherapists, our Service Leadership Programs, baseball historians, professors, community program leaders and more.  There is always something interesting at Kiwanis!
Want to present a program?  
Contact our Program Director.  

*Programs may not be of a political nature, or be an attempt to promote a business or item.  

"Kiwanis is a collection of good people committed to improving the lives of children. Membership in Kiwanis affords the opportunity to demonstrate that commitment while enjoying the fellowship and friendship of others who are also committed to serve.  Good work in the company of good people."

How do I become a member?

Join us for a Lunch meeting on Thursday @ noon at Steak & Eggs or contact us below!  It takes all kinds of Kiwanians to support our community.  We have members who make very few meetings but contribute donations, we have members who donate their time, we have members who come to meetings and bring us interesting programs, we have members who volunteer with the children.  There are many ways to be an involved Kiwanian!

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